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superlukiestyle was created by Luke Ban (hello), who designs, prints, paints, sews, and does a lot of other things at home. We're probably friends.

The name superlukiestyle was thought up in 2016, in a little bar not far from Shibuya Crossing. The first run of shirts were printed over a year later in a Cambridge basement, with terrible red ink that didn't set properly and turned the shirts pink after washing. If you were an early customer, sorry if that ruined any of your other clothes. I've gotten much better at everything since then.

In 2019, I moved to Seattle and set up a new studio in my bedroom. It consisted of a printing bench (my work desk), a drying rack (my bed), and a sewing station (my work desk, again). One of my roommates was a dog named Pippa, whose fur was impossible to separate from orders at the time. After a period of production in that apartment and some at the next house, superlukiestyle sat dormant for a bit.

Now, in another new apartment, superlukiestyle is awake again to have more fun. Orders may now come with a stray Milk hair. Milk is a cat and she looks like this:

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